Milk refrigeration and chilling solutions

CleanChill solutions were first developed to solve the issue of chilling milk as close as possible to the source for small, remote farms. With no electricity infrastructure and output too low to support on-farm diesel generation, producers needed a solution for milk refrigeration as early as possible in the process. The purpose of our solutions is 3 fold:

  • To halt bacteria growth in the milk at the farm, so that milk can be used for higher value end products
  • To reduce logistical complexity of collecting raw milk in urns daily from several small farms
  • To improve the traceability of product inputs, reducing the risk of adulteration and contamination

Chilling of raw milk also decreases the risk and cost of spoiling due to delays in being transported to processing centers.

CleanChill refrigeration units are usually deployed to be shared between several small farms that may have as little as one milking cow each. Farmers bring their urn of milk, which is tested onsite and a sample taken before milk is added to the communal chilling tank. The sample is used for testing fat content at processing centers and tracing raw product back to farms.

The chilling units run on solar energy, with battery back up for night chilling and poor weather. The units hold up to 1000 litres of raw milk.  It is then chilled from 34°C down to 7°C in 3 ½ hours.

CleanChill milk chilling solutions include a solar hot water system for cleaning the urns and chilling tank.  Our cleaning processes and designs meet international food standards.

An added benefit of our solutions is an ozone water purification system, providing clean drinking water without diminishing the unit’s refrigeration capability. Farmers are free to take clean drinking water back to their home in their cleaned urn. This water contributes to improved health of the farmer, their families and their cattle.

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