Solar powered chilling solutions

Solar powered milk chilling systems

CleanChill solutions were initially developed to solve the issue of chilling milk as close as possible to source for small, remote farms. With little or no electricity infrastructure and output too low to support on-farm diesel generation, producers needed a solution for milk chilling as early as possible in the process. The purpose of our solutions is 3 fold:

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Fruit and vegetable chilling Solutions

A lack of reliable electricity is a major impediment for fruit and vegetable growers in remote locations. This results in either high costs of transporting produce and paying to have it chilled, or resorting to only selling produce during the harvest period. Our solar powered chilling solutions are ideal for refrigeration or freezing to extend the shelf life of fresh produce.

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Abattoir and butchery systems

Housed in a shipping container, Clean Chill’s abattoir solutions combine an abattoir, freezer and shop front in one portable building. The chilling units are powered by both solar-power and wind generators depending on the environment in which they are installed. Our systems improve the quality and health standards of meat production.

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Other Solutions

Clean Chill applications are not limited to our current product range. We specialise in design and build of bespoke chilling solutions and have a proven history of overcoming complex challenges faced by our customers.

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